About ThunderSports


Founded by Olympic athletes, ThunderSports owns the knowledge to offer exactly that which is essential for all athletes. ThunderSports wants the use and functionality of under & compression gear to become more accessible to recreational athletes bij offering high quality products for middle range prices.


ThunderSports wants the use of compression and underwear to become accessible to more athletes, at any level, by offering high quality products at competitive prices. The ThunderSports range ensures optimal protection, no matter what the weather and can also help to prevent injury.

Athlete experience


Our ambassadors not only help us design and test new products. They also share their experiences for new products in the future. They are out there on the field or in the gym everyday and know exactly what the athlete needs! We are so happy that they support us!


All ThunderSports ambassadors have a unique talent. Within their own sport they are specialists at a technical and physical level. ThunderSports offers you the opportunity to meet these athletes and to learn from them. Book them now and experience a great day where you not only learn a bunch, but also have a lot of fun. info@thundersports.nl

Business day

Besides workshops and presentations, ThunderSports offers your company the opportunity to experience a Business Day! Your company will spend a day with one of our ambassadors. Teambuilding is the main objective and will be combined with good fun, food and drinks.

ThunderSports Academy

The ThunderSports Academy aims to inspire young kids by organising trainings, clinics, coaching etc. The products are designed and approved by our ambassadors. However they also want to share their experience with the younger generation!

Speed and agility